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Happy International Women's Day!

This year, we’re forecasting women being more powerful and prominent than ever. So to celebrate, we’re championing four incredible women doing amazing things, who you might not have even heard of before.

Charlotte Allingham is a 25-year-old illustrator and Wiradjuri woman who creates concept art. Charlotte’s art explores various social issues pertaining to her Aboriginal heritage and beyond. You might recognize her piece, Always Was, which went viral last year and quickly became an icon of protests against Australia Day in 2018. Charlotte’s art is not only beautiful to look at, but also inspires us to speak out about issues we believe in.

Sarah Moran is the Co-Founder and CEO of Girl Geek Academy, a movement to help inspire one million women into technology by 2025. Sarah learnt to code when she was just 5 years old, and is passionate about empowering women and increasing the amount of females in the tech industry. Girl Geek Academy gives women the skills they need to succeed in a male dominated industry through a range of programs including coding and hackathons, 3D printing and wearables, game development, design, entrepreneurship and startups.

Holley Somerville Knott is the founder of Tell Someone Who Cares, a social enterprise that works to protect Rainforests against palm oil destruction. Holley started TSWC at just 12 years old watching a documentary and seeing what was happening to the ancient forests of Borneo. TSWC exists to protect orangutans, empower local indigenous communities, and educate the public about the effects of the products they choose to consume and how they can actively contribute to change through their buying decisions.

Dr Nikki Stamp is one of only 11 female heart surgeons in Australia. Yep, we were just as shocked about that number as you were! Dr Stamp is an author, presenter, and advocate for women in the medical profession. She is also a part of #ilooklikeasurgeon, a movement that works to break down imposed gender roles in the medical profession and visibly champion female surgeons doing amazing things.


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