Meet the Doggy Divas of Our SS19 Campaign

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We searched instagram far and wide for New York’s cutest doggos to star in our latest campaign. You’ve seen the pics, now get to know the the puppers of TWOOBS Summer 19 campaign!


Emmy Nominee Joan Cusack (but you can call her Emmy)

Age: 6 months

Breed: Brussels Griffon (Petit Brabançon)

Fave Food: Strawberry Pedialyte, cut with water, garnished with two frozen blueberries

Hobbies: Chewing on bones, wrestling with stuffed animals larger than her, and playing with her Dads' emotions. Her favorite social activity is play-fighting, but her favorite all-time activity is napping on a lap.

TWOOBS I’d most like to chew: Imani // Hailey

Emmy is a homebody who wants nothing more than to be warm and with people she loves, in very close proximity. She's down to play with anybody, but great at minding her own business. She's very skilled at playing on her own, and demands to wear her very fashionable outfits whenever possible, because she knows she looks good. She's the size of a New York sewer rat with the heart of a lion. She carries herself like she's Ina Garten, even though she looks like a peasant gremlin caught in a coal mining accident. She knows how to fist-bump, shake hands, and annihilate the psyche.

Instagram: @primetime.emmy

Miss Otis

Age: 2

Breed: Imperial Shih-Tzu

Fave food: Shake Shack burgers and peanut butter fro-yo

Hobbies: Pigeon chasing and playing fetch

TWOOBS I’d most like to chew: Mia // Ricki

Miss Otis is a sweet cuddle bunny who turns up the energy when it’s time to play and do tricks, but will also speak her mind. She can sneeze on command and knows numbers 1 to 5. She loves to run on the treadmill to keep in shape and can usually be found hanging out in Madison Square Park at lunchtime.

Instagram: @missotistheshihtzu


Age: 10 months

Breed: Dalmatian

Fave Food: Blueberries and bananas

Hobbies: Richard is obsessed with frisbees and tennis balls

TWOOBS I’d most like to chew: Polly // Grace

Richard is not satisfied if he cannot greet everyone he possibly can in public. He has baby blue eyes and is definitely the biggest personality in the room. He can stand on two legs, does agility and manages to turn himself into a scarf. He is truly a professional spooner! He has no idea what personal space is and loves to “hug”.

Instagram: @richardthedalmation

Hudson B. Mason

Age: 6 months

Breed: Golden Retriever

Fave food: Victor beef and brown rice

Hobbies: Hudson loves getting in the pool. He’s a natural swimmer and loves to be in the water.

TWOOBS I’d most like to chew: Kim // Cas

Hudson has gotten used to attention and revels in it. He’s become quite the affectionate little man, and every one loves meeting him. He’s a people pleaser! He’s a pro fist bumper and is working on more tricks! He’s working on not jumping, but he just can’t contain himself sometimes. Hudson also has a great birthmark on his tongue.

Instagram: @hudsonbegood


Age: 2

Breed: Pomeranian Chihuahua mix

Fave Food: Crab legs

Hobbies: Arnold enjoys traveling and exploring new places. He’s visited well over 5 states in less than a year, and has even traveled by ferry and airplane!

TWOOBS I’d most like to chew: Lily // Muka

Arnold is the epitome of a Mama’s boy, all he wants in life is to be cuddled up next to his mama. Originally heeding from South Carolina, his owner found and rescued him from a shelter in New York and they have been inseparable ever since. Arnold knows a handful of tricks but his best one didn’t require any training. A true gentleman, he’s able to tell when you’re feeling down and goes right to work trying his best to cheer you up.

Instagram: @arnoldthepomchi


Luna & Hogan

Age: 1.5 years / 7 months

Breed: French Bulldogs

Favourite food: Bacon / Ice Cream!

Hobbies: Playing tug of war and their own version of WWE wrestling.

TWOOBS I’d most like to chew: Sydney // Kelsey

Luna is an independent woman who owns any room she walks into. Total boss babe. Hogan is a tentative but lovable little guy. He can have his own fiesty moments where he thinks he's the biggest and  baddest dog in the room but he's really a total mama's boy. Luna and Hogan became besties/siblings from the moment they laid eyes on each other, and now they refuse to be more than a few feet apart at any time.

Instagram: @luna_and_hogan


Age: 3 yrs 7 months

Breed: Pure pug

Favorite food: Fettuccine bolognese

Hobbies: Playing fetch with his mom. He pushes the ball off the bed and she gets it.

TWOOBS I’d most like to chew: Imani // Hailey

Franklin is as moody as a toddler and feels all the emotions in full swing. Monday’s are hard, but by afternoon it’s a blast because nanny comes by. Fridays are his favorite because that means weekend lovings from Mom! Franklin knows how to high-five and can convince ANYONE to give him a treat.

Instagram: @frankkitobonito


Age: 8

Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

Fave Food: Buffalo mozzarella

Hobbies: Stefan is a quintessential New York foodie, he pulls his parents into all of the restaurants as they walk around the city.

TWOOBS I’d most like to chew: Jett // Jaya

Stefan is definitely a little diva. He likes to be carried around town when he’s lazy, and gets super crabby when you stop petting him. He plays a little, but would rather be dining or lounging. Stefan loves going out for Sunday morning brunch. He might have attitude but Stefan has a big heart, he is super affectionate and will overload you with kisses.

Instagram: @stefantheyorkie



Age: 4

Breed: Greyhound

Fave Food: Dentastix

Hobbies: Meditating (aka napping) for 16 hours a day and fashion. Dani gets excited when she gets to switch around martingale collars and coats!

TWOOBS I’d most like to chew: Lily // Muka

Dani is the epitome of cool, calm and collected… until food is in her presence! She loves cuddling up on her humans, acting like a 60 lb lap dog. Dani can bow on command! But even more impressively, she is also skilled in convincing the humans to give her food whenever she wants by being quite vocal about it, especially at 5 AM in the morning.

Instagram: @danipigdog


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