The TWOOBS Guide to Surviving a Long-Haul Flight

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There’s nothing we love more than galavanting all around the globe with our besties. But before you’re eating a baguette at the Eiffel Tower in a beret, cruising around Venice on a gondola with Antonio, or bareback riding a camel through the Sahara desert, you’ve got to get through that dreaded long-haul flight. That's why we've put together this definitive guide to help you get from point A to B in style. You're welcome.


What to read: Long haul flights are the best time to get stuck into that book you’ve been meaning to. But if you're stuck for ideas, some of our all time favourites are Marriage Vacation by Pauline Brooks (a must for any Younger fans out there) and The Book Ninja by Ali Berg and Michelle Kalus. 


What to wear: Plenty of layers! The inside of a plane can feel like anything from the Arctic to the depths of a volcano, so it’s paramount that you come prepared. A good pair of shoes are a must-have. You’ll need maximum comfort, but there’s nothing worse than having to lace and un-lace during a flight. A fab pair of TWOOBS are our number one in-flight essential. They velcro on and off and are perfect for racing between airport terminals to grab snacks...


What to listen to: We love zoning out and tuning into a juicy podcast. If you’re into murder mysteries, you HAVE to listen to Serial, and if you're after some inspo, we love How I Built This and Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations.


What to put in your beauty bag: A good lip balm, your favourite facial mist, some cleansing wipes, a couple of under-eye gels to make it look like you actually slept and didn’t just spend the last 12 hours binge-watching The O.C...


Don’t Forget:

  1. A big pair of sunnies so you can step off the plane looking just as glam as you did getting on.
  2. A journal - to document memories, random ideas, doodles of foreign doggos...
  3. A portable phone charger so you don’t miss out on any Insta-worthy moments when you’re on the go all day.
  4. Snacks - Almonds, fairy floss, chocolate with popping candy, just the essentials...
  5. A toothbrush.


Happy Holidays! xx

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