Cat // Mel X

135.00 USD

Colour: Black and White.

The TWOOBS Cross is here: same awesome comfort, bold new silhouette. Bring a bit of black and white rafia into your life. Which is really just a fancy way of saying these sandals are totally the bomb and you gotta have them. If you like the idea of a print but you're also looking for something that'll go with everything, then these are about to become the peanut butter to your teaspoon. Okay who are we kidding, salad server. Really it's just about the biggest thing you can find to fit in the jar, right?

We recommend you get some Protecty Stuff to go with these shoes to keep them looking shiny and new.

Upper made from raffia, insole made from memory foam, and the bases of our shoes are individually cut from EVA so please note they're not made to be identical.

Height is around 2 inches or 5 centimetres.


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