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    In creating TWOOBS, founders Jess and Stef Dadon set out to change the footwear industry, by creating a cruelty free line of shoes, leading the way in a product category known for its common use of leather and suede. Since launching the brand in 2016, the sisters have been so excited to see the support of customers keen to add animal-friendly shoes to their wardrobes, as well as the rise of more vegan brands, but have also become increasingly aware of the effects of fashion on the environment, and have therefore pledged to not just stop at minimising impact on animals, but on the environment as a whole. 
    We pledge to continually improve TWOOBS’ sustainability practices, striving to always lead the way in ethical & sustainable fashion. We are constantly looking at ways to improve our practices, and above all promise to be 100% transparent in our supply chain. Below you can have a little read on where and how your beloved shoes are made. 
    We’re currently in the process of partnering with a shoe recycling facility to ensure that if someone no longer wants their TWOOBS for whatever reason, that they don’t end up in landfill. If you have a pair of TWOOBS that you no longer want, please get in touch with us and we’d love to chat you through the options we have available. 
    • Our shoeboxes are made from recycled paper, and are recyclable. They are manufactured in Houjie, China.
    • Our boxes and shoes come stuffed with recyclable paper. The paper is manufactured in Houjie, China.

    • TWOOBS are made from 100% PETA-approved vegan materials.
    • Our uppers (usually the straps) are made out of elastane, which you might know as the brand name Lycra, and eco-friendly PU.
    • The outsole is made from EVA.
    • Our material suppliers are based in Houjie, China.

    • TWOOBS shoes are manufactured in a boutique factory in Houjie, China, a town known for producing high-quality shoes.
    • Our founders Jess and Stef travel to Houjie at least twice a year to oversee the manufacturing process.
    • Our factory is owned by a husband and wife team who also work in the factory.
    • Factory workers are paid well above minimum wage.
    • Chinese factories have become heavily regulated in more recent years, so bigger companies have moved their production to countries with less regulations like Vietnam and Bangladesh.


    In line with our brand value of female empowerment, we work with a female-led team based in Houjie, China. There are the women who work everyday to make TWOOBS come to life. 

    Julie owns our supply company and employs the team of women who create TWOOBS. Julie travels the world, most often to the US, to learn about international practices.

    Tracy is our main point of contact, and she works closely with the factory and our material suppliers to oversee the manufacturing process of TWOOBS. 

    The factory bosses are a married couple. They own the factory and work in it every day. Before opening this factory, they headed up a larger factory, but decided they wanted to open something small so they could maintain great quality and have more control over the whole process. They provide lunch for their staff daily and all eat together as a family.

    We are constantly looking to improve our practices across our supply chain in order to minimise our environmental footprint. If you have any suggestions or questions, please get in touch with us at